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Navigating the life settlement investment market can be difficult, but the goal is simple.

Savvy institutional investors have quietly placed billions of dollars into life settlements over the last several decades, capitalizing on the low downside risk, near zero volatility, and superior returns. Because the acquisition of large pools of policies costs tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, historically, only ultra-wealthy and institutional investors could afford to buy life settlements.

Select Policy Group now offers California residents an opportunity to acquire interests in multiple life settlement insurance policies through Policy Shares™, allowing them to participate the same way wealthy investors have done for years.

Select Policy Group was created by the same people at Senior Settlements, LLC who  pioneered the Life Settlement industry more than two decades ago. Senior Settlements has transacted $2 billion in life settlements over the past two decades with its last capital markets transaction, a $200 MM+ sale to Deutsche Bank. In its capacity as originator and servicer, Senior Settlements has over 100 years combined experience in this asset class.

Our Policy Shares™ Advantage


Select Policy Group
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For decades, only ultra-wealthy and institutional investors (Warren Buffett, big banks, investment companies, etc.) could afford to buy life settlements. SPG offers the average investor an opportunity to acquire fractional interests in multiple policies thereby allowing them to participate the same way wealthy investors have done for many years.

Investors purchase fractional life settlements from SPG as a pool of policies; the investor owns a portion of each policy. A premium reserve account is established for each policy sufficient to pay premiums to life expectancy.

Select Policy Group offers California residents an opportunity to receive a targeted fixed payout of 12% that is a non-correlated asset secured by A – or better – rated insurance companies.

How does it work?

* The timing of these cash flows shown above are not guaranteed. The above cash flows assume that one policy will mature before Life Expectancy, one policy will mature at Life Expectancy, and one policy will mature after Life Expectancy (the “Projected Maturity Date”).  This is unlikely and policies could mature before the Life Expectancy or after the Life Expectancy which could significantly affect the investor’s economics. If the Actual Maturity Date of a policy is after the Life Expectancy (the Projected Maturity Date) then investors will be required to pay their share of required premiums for that policy.

What is a Life Settlement?

Thousands of senior citizens are looking to sell their life insurance policies for cash. Many use the cash they receive to help pay for end of life and long term care costs. When they sell their life insurance policy to an investor or third party for cash this transaction is called a life settlement.

Example: Jane is 85 years old. She owns a $1,000,000 life insurance policy. She has developed chronic health problems, and now needs nursing care. Jane decides to sell her life insurance policy, instead of continuing to pay for it. She will then use the cash to pay for her long term care costs.

In a study of 9,000 policies that were the subject of a life settlement between 2001 and 2011, policy owners received more than four times the cash surrender amount through a life settlement.

Insurance policy holders find numerous benefits by selling their polices…using the cash to improve lifestyle, supplement retirement income, cover health care and medical expenses or simply to reduce overall expenses.

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