The process

SPG designed the PolicyShares™ investment platform to allow retail investors the opportunity to have access to the same asset class as Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway, hedge funds, and other institutional investors. At SPG, we believe that policy origination and life expectancy underwriting are the key components to a successful investment.

Our experience positions us as the leading fractional life settlement company in California.

With nearly 20 years of developing expert controls on policy acquisition, valuation and longevity assessment, our investors can have confidence in the policies we recommend for their hard earned investment dollars. Our experience positions us as the premiere fractional life settlement company in California.

We use only the most trusted life expectancy underwriters in the country. Some of our competitors may use lower life expectancy estimates from less qualified life expectancy report providers and thereby artificially enhance the value of the policy. This practice increases dramatically the likelihood that life settlement interest purchasers from such companies will be assessed additional premium calls when their underlying policies continue in force after the expiration of the artificially depressed life expectancy estimate.

We believe in quality of selection….we cut out the middleman and have access to nearly every life insurance policy on the secondary market. No other investment firm can match our breadth of expertise or depth of policy acquisition capability.

We have what investor’s need.
Quality of Selection.

Along with one of the leading acquisition parameters for life insurance policies, and trusted life expectancy reports. We also have access to the majority of the life settlement market since our founder has been operating for nearly 20 years our investors reap the benefits.

As a result of this access to a vast amount of policies to select, SPG has created several opportunities for our investors. We can also provide just a single policy. An investor could choose to acquire a Participation Interest relating to all of the death benefits payable under a single policy or invest in fractional ownership.The management team of SPG has tried to create a wonderful investment opportunity for our investors. Part of doing that is aligning our company’s interest with that of our investors and by also working with some of the finest legal, actuarial and underwriting firms. SPG ownership has put together a platform built on delivering three things:

  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • and Selection

We absolutely will not sacrifice long term success for our company or our investors for short term profits!