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An overview of our Process

For decades, only ultra-wealthy and institutional investors (Warren Buffett, big banks, investment companies, etc.) could afford to buy life settlements. Bedrock offers the average investor an opportunity to acquire fractional interests in multiple policies thereby allowing them to participate the same way wealthy investors have done for many years.

Investors purchase fractional life settlements from SPG as a pool of policies; the investor owns a portion of each policy. A premium reserve account is established for each policy sufficient to pay premiums to life expectancy.

Each investor will participate in a pool of three policies with an average life expectancy of 5 years. The average return will be 12% per year or 60% total return for the 5 year period as illustrated below:

* The cash flows shown above are not guaranteed. The above cash flows assume that each policy will mature at Life Expectancy (the Projected Maturity Date). This is unlikely and policies could mature before the Life Expectancy or after the Life Expectancy which could significantly affect the investor’s economics and reduce the expected profit. If the Actual Maturity Date of a policy is after the Life Expectancy (the Projected Maturity Date) then investors will be required to pay their share of required premiums for that policy.

The contractual payout is fixed and will never change. This investment is a non correlated asset, meaning that it is not dependent on global events, Wall Street, oil prices, real estate prices, etc.

“We believe in quality of selection….we cut out the middleman and have access to nearly every life insurance policy on the secondary market. No other investment firm can match our breadth of expertise or depth of policy acquisition capability.”

Our Process